Design a Relationship You Love

This isn't for singles! It's designed for folks in long-term relationships who are feeling disconnected, lonely, bored or frustrated in their relationship.

  You have the power to design a relationship you love within your current, long-term relationship!

Are you ready to:

Kindle the Romance?

Connect Your Hearts?

Create Your Dreams?

The first step is to actually know what you want! 

Watch the video below to learn if this is for you.

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In this online course you will learn


That even in long-term relationships, you have the power to design (and experience!) a relationship you LOVE!

This course will walk you through how to design a relationship you love through specific exercises and questions that will help you determine

  • What's working and what's not
  • What's most important to you
  • What you want most to be happy and fulfilled in your relationship
  • What does that actually look like for you (i.e. create clarity)

in eight key areas of your relationship.

1. Self-Love

2. Communication

3. Partnership

4. Play/Fun/Adventure

5. Intimacy

6. Finance

7. Goal Setting/Dreams

8. Support/Values

Content Shared Weekly

This will allow you time to complete the module and put some of your new found wisdom into play before the next lesson is shared, but still keep momentum going in creating a relationship you LOVE!

Use This Over and Over again!

Your relationship isn't a "one and done" deal.  It's always changing and evolving as are you and your partner.  Use this course over and over again to continue to level up and grow your relationship for years to come!

You Deserve a Great Relationship

If you're going to be in a relationship, be in a GREAT one!  All relationships take energy.  Negativity, loneliness, frustration and resentment take a toll on us mentally and physically, maybe even financially. can take that energy and invest it to create passion, play and partnership, which is energizing, fulfilling and joyful! 

"If you can see it in your mind, you can hold it in your hand." - Bob Proctor. 

The most powerful way to get what you want is to KNOW what you want! And that is exactly what this course is intended to help you figure out!

Yes, I Want a Great Relationship

Key benefits from this course:

  • You'll reconnect with the feelings you'd love to re-ignite in your relationship - passion, play, partnership!
  • You'll experience how getting connected to your deepest desires and dreams will help you create a framework that you can use to go after what you want in your relationship.
  • You learn to identify what's currently working in your relationship, and how to apply those successes to other areas of your relationship to get what you want.
  • You can go through this course with your partner, but is just as powerful to do alone. You actually have more power than you realize to change your current circumstances. 
  • This course chunks it down into key areas to help you focus and stay out of overwhelm.  When we are stuck, we often don't even know where to start, and this course walks you through step by step.



Don't Wait Any Longer!

Get out of the boredom, loneliness, frustration and negativity and get into joy, passion, connection, partnership and play! 

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