Create MORE in Your Relationship!

In just FIVE days, you'll learn a repeatable process for creating MORE of what you want in your relationship (and less of what you don't)!

Especially when relationships are feeling rocky, we often think of all the things we don't want.  We don't want to feel angry, resentful, frustrated or lonely any more.  Those feelings are all generated from things that have happened in the past.

But most people aren't able to articulate what they DO want! Thinking about what you DO want helps move you forward and into a place of possibility! 

In this course, you'll learn how to create that possibility of MORE - from start to finish, and in a way that you can use over and over again!

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In this online course you will learn 5 steps to create MORE in your relationship: more communication, more play, more intimacy, more of whatever you want!


Each Class is just 10-20 minutes each day and designed workshop style so that it's do-able and truly valuable.

Day 1: You will get to to IDENTIFY what 'MORE' actually is for YOU. You'll get to do some dreaming about what a great relationship would look like for you.

Day 2: You will create CLARITY around what 'MORE' actually means for you. You can ask for 'more' money and someone can give you a dollar.  Yes, you have more, but that's not really what you wanted.  Clarity is Key! 

Day 3: You will get to do some mindset work that will EMPOWER you to go after what you want.  "Whether you think you can or think you can't, either way, you're right." - Henry Ford. I absolutely believe "You CAN!"

Day 4: You will create a PLAN with tangible action items to move you forward in creating exactly what you want!  Think of this more like creative brainstorming! 

Day 5: Today is all about PLAY.  You will see how PLAY is an essential aspect of creating MORE in your relationship and how to implement your plan from a place of Play and Practice!  You will take your plan and give those ideas a whirl, figure out what works and what doesn't and practice them until they work for you!

Just 20-30 minutes a day!

Start changing your relationship for the better in just 5 days!

Content sent to you each day, to complete in the comfort of your home, when convenient for you!


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There is no time like the present!  This course is a great way to start making shifts in your relationship with a simple, repeatable process that will work not only in your romantic relationships, but ALL your relationships! 

Significantly improve your connection, your partnership, your passion for less money and time than you'd spend on a single date night!

For just $97, you'll be investing in creating a relationship full of fun, playful, passionate date nights, and even more importantly, meaningful conversations, greater partnership and deeper intimacy.

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Key benefits of this course:

You'll start to realize the opportunity you have to have the relationship you've dreamed of having!  It's not so far out of reach as you think, and  when you do this work and start to see the results, you'll feel excited and empowered to see what else you can create in your relationship!

Your partner will notice the change in you.  When you show up from a loving, kind, thoughtful place, your partner will feel those positive feelings from you and now that they are in a good feeling place, will be much more likely and willing to share love, kindness and thoughtfulness with you!

Wins all around!  By going after what you want in your relationship, you'll create a more loving, generous, peaceful, open relationship.  

Think it sounds crazy?  What do you have to lose to give this a try?


Are You Committed? 

This course will make a difference in your relationship, but ONLY if you are committed to putting in the work.  It's not a lot of work, but it's not going to happen simply by watching the course. 

My commitment, my mission, my purpose is to support individuals in long term relationships to level up the passion, play and partnership in your relationship so that you enjoy a relationship that never grows old, even when you do!

So I ask you:  What is YOUR committment?

I am offering you an opportunity to make a difference in your relationship, but the success is completely in your hands.  I have complete faith in you and know that this is do-able for every single person, BUT you have to want to take that opportunity and run with it, to be willing to show up for yourself and your partner and do that work.  

YES! I AM Committed!